Project 52 Week 2: Made with Love

Meet Dot.  She’s made with love for my baby girl.  She was a quick cut,  sew, and stuff  project for Laney’s first Christmas.  I started making her around 11 pm on Christmas Eve….yes, I’m prone to procrastination and I had a gazillion other sewing projects I was also making for gifting.  I settled on Dot being in her undies, she does have a dress and hair ties.  They’ll get made sometime soon.   I swapped sleep for dressmaking  to enjoy Christmas morning with my family.

Laney met Dot with much excitement and wet kisses.  I think they’ll be friends for awhile.  That is if Dot withstands Laney’s brothers…..I found the oldest one rocking over Dot’s neck with the rocking chair the other day.

Laney and Dot enjoying some playtime together.  This little one was made with much love too.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


10 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 2: Made with Love”

  1. Tara, it is so cool that you are doing a photo project! I am excited to watch it unfold 🙂 The doll is so wonderful. Like, a real treasure. I am feeling a little inspired 🙂

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