The Saturday Post

The first full week of chores has been more wonderful than I could ever imagine.  We have such great kids, and it’s so awesome that they WANT to do these things around the house.

I just bought tea tree oil the other day for the first time.  We’ve been using vinegar to clean since living in Argentina and having to frequently fight off mold in our house there.  But my boys hate the way it smells and always complain about it.  So I figured I need some kind of essential oil to put in with the water and vinegar solution.  After reading about how wonderful tea tree oil is and how it is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral….I figured I needed to give it a try.

Malachi sprayed away today while cleaning the bathroom and didn’t complain once about the smell and I didn’t worry that he was breathing in some toxic chemicals either.   Score!

Then Brian and Zekey and Elijah split up the various rooms to vacuum.  This is Elijah vacuuming the stairs, he hardly wanted Brian’s help to show him how to use the attachments.   (Really the railing shouldn’t be the focus….Elijah’s doing all the work!)

There’s still snow on the ground today.  I really feel like I live in Indiana now….with the snow and crazy cold weather.  And all the basketball games I’ve been to this last week.  A Grace College game last Saturday and the boys various basketball practices this week and a Butler game last night….I truly live in Indiana again.  

And snowy weather is only enjoyable when there are warm and sweet things that can be made to go with coffee.

Today was the third time this week I’ve made these blueberry oat scones, those plump blueberries were oozing with goey-ness.  Just S-O  Y-U-M-M-Y!


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