He’s Just Not So Young Anymore

Tonight Malachi was talking about how the earth is round when you look at it from space and asked why it looks flat when he looks at it from where he stands.  I love when he asks these kinds of why questions.

He lost is 7th tooth today.

When he put the clean dishes from the dishwasher away the other day, he organized all the plates and cups by color……all the reds stacked together, all the greens and all the yellows together.  It made me smile and brag on him, it’s just so him.

This morning as we were rushing to get out the door to take portraits with family in Cincy, he was a great helper.  He got together diapers and things I needed for the diaper bag….and he picked fussy Laney up and put her in her Bumbo.  And talked to her and was just so sweet.  He’s such a great big brother.

This is how he walked off the bus the other day, and then walked down the driveway.  I snapped this before he walked thru the door.  During the break, I read it outloud to all three of them, now he’s reading it by himself.   I love how happy he is to tell me where he’s at and what has just happened.   And he even gave up playing Legos with his brother this morning so he could sit on the couch and read. Insert big smile by this mama.

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