Project 52 Week 3: I Dreamed a Dream

I’ve dreamed many a dream in this little heart of mine.  I don’t often share them for fear they have to be fulfilled.  But my greatest dream has been to be a wife and a mama.  And as a wife and a mama who wants to follow God’s leading, it’s humbling to watch as my kids’ hearts grow sensitive to God’s Spirit.  To hear their prayers gives me a glimpse into their heart.  And to hear them sing and worship God causes me to glorify him in a whole new way.  

And as my brother led us in worship(yes, he was visiting, I’ll post about that soon) this weekend with friends by our sides…….and as I watched our children sing “You Never Let Go”, I wonder what trials they will have as they grow up….and I can only pray and dream that they will know and trust that God is always with them and they have nothing to fear.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


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