5 Times 7

Mine is just around the corner.  Most of my friends  have already passed over.

To celebrate Christa’s adventure in this new age bracket, Deb and I (and all the littlest girls) accompanied Christa on her first trip to the Goodwill Outlet….the place with the huge gray bins where you dig thru clothes, and housewares, and books and stuff….and pay 69 cents per pound.  It’s fun and addictive and sometimes dirty and stinky.

This is what I found this trip:

That’s a baby gate, a sleeping bag, some kid’s books, some reusable bags,  a basket(will be repainted and used for future photog business), a rug and some pillows (will be unstuffed and then used to restuff the cushions on our couch).

I found several sweaters and shirts for me, pants for Chi, pants for Laney, and a lime green-lined lavender coat for me.  It’s sweet.

And the grand total was $21.

These are some finds from last month:

Those will be used for the photog business too.

Soon I’ll share all the name buntings I’ve made, and almost all of them were material that was reused from the Goodwill Outlet.


I have a feeling 35 won’t be so bad.


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