Home is When We’re Altogether

Before we did all our moving from country to country a few years back, this is what we’d say to our boys, since we didn’t have a physical place to call our own.  And now that we’re back in the states and really aren’t settled yet, home still feels like home when we’re together.  But home also feels like home when we’re with other family too.  My brother and sister-in-law drove all the way out here to see us….it made me so very glad.  And there is something so special in seeing cousins playing together.

(I actually used my 380 speedlite…..I have so much to learn when it comes to using a flash)

It makes my heart skip a beat and makes me so happy for the memories they are having together.

(flash-less and pix-elated)

No time with Jason and Erika  is complete without some game playing, and they got us a new one, Dominion.  Very fun.  (There’s no photo proof of that game playing.) But there is photo proof that we shared our new favorite beer with them.

(It didn’t disappoint!!)

And the adults aren’t the only ones who like to play games, 

Auntie Erika (he’ll always remember that you taught him this!) teaching Malachi Puzzle Strike….it’s similar to Dominion…only shuffling cards sucks, so a bag of chips it is.

Gaming happens early in this family!!

Orion often looks serious, but when this kid laughs…oh my goodness…I just want to laugh along with him.  We’ll just call him Mr. Contagious.

And Maddie just makes me smile, she’s so sweet.  And hearing her say “baby” all weekend made me so happy for Laney to have a girl cousin so close in age.

I think I was probably more excited to give these gifts than they were to open them.  This crafting thing I’ve started is just so very fun and satisfying.

That look was pretty exciting to see too.  And she wanted to sleep with her new dolly all weekend.

Auntie Erika was so excited about Maddie’s bunting.  Awesome.

And Orion spelling out his name on his.

There was some of this……….

And some of this altogether.  See this post about our time of worship together.

Little Miss Laney Mae had a blast with so many people around.  She loved watching everyone and listening and squealing.  

Until the next time we’re all together again……….The Dark Knight will rise…….

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