After I covered the most important windows with curtains in our place, I started planning all the name buntings I’d be making for Christmas gifts.  I first started looking for pieces of material at the Goodwill Outlet….(are you sick of me mentioning that place yet??).  I found scraps of material, and sheets, and shirts, and skirts, and pants, and pillowcases to cut up.  I almost had everything I needed, but did make one trip to Joann’s Fabric for some material for some of the flags.   Then I had to fumble around with more direction reading and a few online tutorials to figure out how to applique the letters on the flags.  These are the kinds of projects I have to have in order to learn how to use my sewing machine.   I made each of my boys a bunting, Ezekiel’s was first.

The plaid flags was a sheet, the red check was a dress shirt, and the blue was a sheet.

The red was scrubs, the plaid was a sheet, and the blue was a sheet.

The red was scrubs, the green plaid is material I had from the quilt my mom made for each boy and the yellow is also material from her too.

I haven’t made Magdalena’s yet….but it is in the works.  I decided to give up having hers ready for Christmas day.  She’s just a baby, she didn’t care.

Then I made each of the cousins one too.

The blue was a sheet, red was a sheet and the yellow was material I already had.

The blue was a sheet, beige was a sheet and the yellow is the same as Isaac’s and Malachi’s.

Black and white was scrap material, the red patterned was a skirt, and the plain red was a sheet.

Here’s a closer look at the stitching.  I used an applique setting for the letters and a zigzag stitch on the bias binding.


I couldn’t find much purple or lavender at the Goodwill Outlet, so I bought the purples at Joann’s and the black was a pair of capris.

The darker purples are the same as Taylor’s and the white with lavender flowers was a pillowcase.

I’m already planning on making more of these for my own house…..maybe a happy birthday banner and something for Christmas.



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