Project 52 Week 4: Self Portrait

Here it is, the dreaded of all photo projects.  Although, I didn’t have the same kind of anxiety I had on this project that I did in my photography class in high school or college for the matter.  I’m much more comfortable with myself now. That’s a good thing, right?

This is Laney and I, she was about to get in the tub.  Okay, so my main focus for these shots were her and her adorable rolls.  But I love that I’m in them too.   I really have no devious plan to NOT be in photos, I’m just the one who usually takes them.   Although, my 6 year old did take a sequence of photos of me the other day….here’s one.

And here’s a shot of my reflection from outside, looking in.  It’s a double paned glass door, so that’s why it seems like you have someone’s else’s glasses on.  I kinda like it. …in a psychedelic I’m not on drugs kind of way.

And these are just because my baby’s rolls are just so pinchable.   Don’t you just want to give her a squeeze????

And that smile, how can you not smile back??

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


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