The Un-Valentine’s Day Post

I would never describe myself as sappy, but I don’t deny I like to be shown I’m being thought of.   So when Brian and I had our first Valentine’s Day together 13 years ago and I learned that it wasn’t a big deal to him, I was a little taken aback.  The previous week he had given me THE RING and asked me THE QUESTION.  But he did NOT want to ask me on that day we call Valentines.  I was just starting to learn just how unconventional he could be.  And well, those un-conventions have rubbed off on me.  I don’t care  anymore about this day(it did take some getting used to the first few years).  I don’t need to.  I know I’m loved when he brings me flowers so many of the other days of the year.  I know he loves me when he stops what he’s doing again to help me with a computer problem I have no idea how to solve.  I know he loves me when he lets me sleep in and takes care of all the munchkins.  I know he loves me when he carries in the groceries.  I know he loves me when he vacuums and cleans up.  I know he loves me when he gives me much needed time by myself from a busy day.  I know I’m loved when he brings an antique sewing machine table home to me.

I like that he doesn’t want someone else to tell him how I should be loved…..those people don’t know that I don’t like roses, or crazy expensive jewelry or cheesy stuffed animals.   They don’t know that I’m way too practical for any of that crap.    I’m glad he knows.

SO my boys aren’t exactly following in our footsteps.  We did go out and buy our first boxes of Valentines to give school friends.  

Zekey was pretty excited about these.

I don’t know what he was more excited about….putting the tattoos on his hands or

writing his friends’ names on the cards.  His most favorite friend also has unconventional parents.  Zeke has been talking about his friend Rainbow since the beginning of school….and how she found unicorns in her backyard and he wants to have her over to play sometime.  And I thought naming your child Rainbow was a little unorthodox….did you see that spelling!?

These guys all jumped in on their Valentine making…..

And here is something to be sappy about…….

P.S.  Thank you Grammy for the cute V-Day outfit!!

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