I Can’t Believe I’m Turning Into One of Those

I like making things.  I get a tiny thrill out of figuring out how to make things and then trying them out to see how I like them.  I started a whole new hobby a few weeks ago.  It may stick, it may not.  Time will tell.  I’ve now made dishwasher soap, deodorant, baby wipes, baby shampoo/wash and I have future plans of making handsoap and body wash.  Chemistry was not the highlight of my high school education, but I think I’m making up for it now.

So here’s the recipe for Dishwasher detergent…..it really is cheaper to make, and not difficult at all…..

1 cup Sal Suds

1 cup water

2 tbsp lemon juice

6 drops tea tree oil

1 1/2 cups white vinegar

You use 1 TBSP in your dishwasher  and it works pretty well.  It doesn’t leave any residue, but I have noticed that things like peanut butter and avocado need to be washed off the dishes pretty well before putting them in for a load or they will leave behind some remnants.  I’m pretty satisfied with it.

If you come to my house and load the dishes for me and go under the sink and find a box of Cascade, don’t be surprised.  For now, it’s a hobby, we’ll see if it sticks.


5 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I’m Turning Into One of Those”

  1. I’m trying the lotion bars as soon as i get a food scale….future etsy shop together? I can’t wait to try this dish washer soap recipe!

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