We Were Cold, But We Didn’t Care

The kids and I went back to the 100 Acre Park today and walked around the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  There were little green shoots popping up everywhere, that place will be amazing in the Spring.

Hey look a photo of the kids and me.  We don’t have many, I really need to do this reflection thing more often.

A bridge over the White River.

Sometimes I can be such a dork,  I like taking pictures of the oddest things.  But really…look at the pattern on the benches and then all three benches on the diagonal.  It was screaming to me……

The next post you see of this place it will all be different.  There is just so much to see in the gardens and nature park.  LOVE IT!  This is becoming one of my favorite places.

The boys all got hair cuts today.  Clippers are a wonderful thing.

This photo defeats the purpose of showing off the hair, but look at those brown eyes.

Wearing my baby….

I love this mirror.  It’s really here for this purpose.  But it’s been useful for some fun shots the two times I’ve come here now.  And the next time we go, we’ll have to actually give a call for an audio description about the watershed.  Yes, I’m nerdy like that.

Altogether now…..

We’re freezing away while Brian is in warm Guatemala, speaking spanish and eating platanos.  We’re trying not to be jealous.


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