Upcycled Stuffing

We love our couch.  We bought it when we bought our first house in Philadelphia in 2004.  When we brought it home it was too big to fit thru the door of our row home, but we were determined to get it inside.  Through several hours of trying and problem solving, we finally took out the windows and frames and got it in.  My 9 month pregnant body was SOOO ready to sit down on that couch.

I have many pictures of my first three babies on that couch…..first pregnant, then breastfeeding, then month by month pictures, and then pillow forts and free falling pictures were all taken.  Then we moved out of the country and my brother and sister-in-law took it, they needed a couch for their basement.  But I missed that couch, it was the ONLY thing(I’m not talking about people……I’m talking about THING) that I missed while living overseas.  It was such a welcoming couch and so big and comfy.  I missed it.  Whenever we’d come back for visits, we’d spend nights on that couch, it isn’t great for sleeping on, but oh my….the sitting…..I still missed it.

And since returning to the states, Jason and Erika decided they were ready to move on to something that was easier for Erika to get out of (it is difficult for me to get out of….and I’m several inches taller than her!)  And it’s had years of good wear added to it. But we took it!  There was that sentimental part of me that was so glad I’d get to breastfeed my newest member of our family on this couch….that I’d get to read to my kids some more on this couch…..that we’d build more forts and have many more memories to make on it.  But really….it is worn.

Brian had a great idea of re-stuffing it, I was really skeptical at first.  But as I started to make trips to the Goodwill Outlet, I’d look for pillows to use to stuff our couch.  Before you get too grossed out, I’d bring them home, take them straight to the washing machine for a nice hot bath and then a nice hot dry…..so if there were any bugs, they were all dead now.  And so as I collected more and more, we unzipped each pillowcase, took apart a little of the seam of the lining and pulled out all the stuffing…..and gave it a good fluff and then re-stuffed it with the old and added some new.  And sewed it back up.

Most of the pillows were hideous on the outside.

Brian re-fluffing the old and adding the new.

There was a lot of stuffing.

And even more stuffing, with the boys waiting patiently in the background. …well two of them, one of them was in time-out….

We laughed so hard!!!!

He had his first sleepover the night before….he was one of the last to fall asleep.   Ha, ha, ha!  SO cute.

And the new look…..all big and comfy again. (I should have taken a before….she was rather droopy.)

But is she still comfortable?…..not quite like new, but she definitely has some more years to squeeze out of her.

We’re so glad to have her back.

And they are too!


And she has some newly recovered companions.  This was my first attempt at appliqueing with the sewing machine…..

I made some mistakes, but I also learned from them.  That’s how I learn best.


And then there’s these huge babies….they are like the size of doggie beds.  Brian had to help me run them thru the machine to close the last side.

I’m loving all that fabric and loving how these are now used to make forts.  Now…I think I may need to make just a few more.


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