One Hand Old

My baby boy, there he is.  I tell him all the time he’ll always be my baby boy as I cradle him and rock him back and forth in my arms.  He tells me he’s not.  It’s our special game.

His exuberance is contagious, so is his smile.

And Oh my goodness, God knew this kid needed a smile like this.

As most of you know, he sure does keep us on our toes.

And he would be the kid who totally needs that helmet!

His very own bike!  That’s a big deal to a  third child!!

He asked for chocolate cake and chocolate frosting and sprinkles.  I figure now is as good as any to indulge in the artificial food coloring we’ve banned from our house.  So I said Yes to sprinkles.  ( You’ll see more of those little lego guys for Chi and Zeke’s friend party.)

My big baby boy.  We love you.  You have such a tender heart for the hurting and such a  special love for your baby sister…and she lights up when she hears your voice.  You always want to play with your brothers and they can’t help but laugh at your silliness…and yes, sometimes they get mad at your when you play with their things.  And sometimes we get mad at you for getting into things without asking but your smile melts our hearts…so do all your tight hugs and big kisses.  We love you Ezekiel, we pray “God Will Strengthen” you.


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