10 Months with Laney Mae

10 months has always felt like a huge milestone month, maybe it’s because the other three were starting to walk during this month….if not already walking.  Laney seems perfectly content to crawl and do some pulling up to stand, I don’t mind if she waits a little longer to walk…..we’re trying to enjoy as much baby as we can before she’s toddle-ling around.

I think  one day she’ll mock me for putting all those cute bows on her.

That’s okay, I’ll take the mocking.  Those bows are just so darn cute and I’m not even a girlie girl….but I just can’t help but put them on her.

This little blue dress is so sweet, right?

It belonged to my mom.  It’s a 60 year old dress!

I’m sure she has some photos of me in it too.  If I ever track down a photo of my mom in it and one of me in it, you can count on my sharing.

Lots of kissable sweetness!


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