Halfway to Driving

My first baby boy is 8.  This was waiting for him when he got off the bus.

Zekey and Brian made the sign.

All smiles.

He hasn’t ridden a bike since last August……

Riding a bike isn’t the kind of skill you lose…..


He still has 8 mores years of driving this…..

8 years really isn’t a long time…..oh my!

He asked for vanilla cake and vanilla frosting….I added the HP Wizard hats for fun.

We love you Malachi Brian.  You were the child we prayed and prayed to have. We love how you love to play with your brothers and how you love to hold your sister.  We love how you love a good story and even enjoy reading them on your own now.  We love how you are so detailed oriented and love to put together lego sets.  We love how we see you being a peacemaker with your friends and how you already have such strong views about what is right and what is wrong.  We love how you have such a tender heart for people who are sick and don’t have food to eat.  We pray God uses you to be his “Strong Messenger.”  We love you Chi!

2 thoughts on “Halfway to Driving”

  1. what a wonderful post! How fun that you had his gift there when he got off the bus!!! And I agree with Jessie, lovely cupcakes

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