Party Time

In spite of the rain, it was a fun party for both Zeke and Chi.  It made us really glad to have a garage, we set up tables for eating and then played the games inside.  Fortunately, the family room has adequate space for some game playing.

Zekey wanted Lego Ninjago Cupcakes.

And Malachi wanted Lego Harry Potter Cupcakes.

Stickers are a wonderful thing!  I made those cake toppers, it was much easier than doing any other fancy cake decorating.

I planned 7 games to play and I think we ended up playing every single one.  Here’s some photos to go with some of them…..

1. Guess how many legos pieces in a new set Malachi had build the night before….there was no counting needed on our part, we just used the number on the box.  🙂

2.  Team Building with the Lego Duplos…..I don’t remember what the requirements were…..these guys were the judges and made up requirements as they went along….and I think both teams won.  Oh yes…they were all winners.

One team…..

And the other…..(I really just need to get my flash out and start using it… 20D totally shows it’s limitations whenever I’m in low light set at 1600 ISO)

And Team Little Girl

3. Individual Flower Building contest with Legos

4. Capture the Snitch (Steal the Bacon)  Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff, I think. Gryffindor won…I think.    I was playing and taking photos…so you know, my memory is a bit hazy.  All I know is we avoided having Slytherin as the other team,  we wanted to avoid any arguing.  🙂

5.  Ninjago Relay Game….Spin, put on a Ninja costume(aka t-shirt), pick up a sword, and then fight the enemy Ninjas (aka Deb and Nate)

We’re so lucky to have such great parent volunteers. 😉

6.  Another Team Relay…..get all the lego duplo blocks from one container to the other at the other side of the room….going one at a time.  (I love that kids think these games are awesome…how much longer will that last???)  There are no pictures I was talking to Reign Beau’s Mom…..she’s Zekey’s friend from school and she came about half way through the party.  He was THRILLED!

7. Another Relay….Get on your broomstick, fly to the other side of the room, throw and catch the snitch (aka tennis ball) three times in the air and fly back to your team.  I don’t know who won.  And I don’t have any photos of that either.  I was still talking.  🙂

Brian ran all the games.  I love him, he’s wonderful.  His extraversion is absolutely perfect for parties.

Here’s some of the crew looking over prizes.  There’s Zekey and his bff, Reign Beau.

And Cousin Isaac was there too.  Too cute!

And some goody bags….

And the insides….

That’s a Magic Wand or Ninjago Stick and some chocolate bricks and lego minifigure.  I had high hopes of making crayons with the same mold and then printing off a little coloring book.  But it got thrown to the wayside.  I had some other plans too, like making a lego figure banner out of paper that said Happy Birthday and sewing it together.  Maybe some day I’ll learn that I have to start working on things sooner than just a week before an event.  I just can’t jumpstart the planner in me any sooner??  Or kick out the procrastinator….despite that, it was fun.  The boys had a blast with their friends.  And that’s what really matters.


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