It’s as American as Apple Pie and the 4th of July

Opening Day was this past Saturday.

Zekey is playing t-ball.

Opening Day was a Homerun Derby…..

And these two were even on the field at the same time for awhile.  The t-ballers played three teams at a time….two on the field and one hitting, all just for opening day.

We loved cheering on our friends too.

Nate and Ellie were at the field right next to Scotty and Zekey.

Little girls clothes are wonderfully cute, but they’ve got nothin’ on little boys in baseball uniforms.   Swoon.

Opening Day banners with the flag raised, and hats on hearts, and the National Anthem blaring thru a crackly sound system……there is nothing quite like it.

The boys’ coach called himself the Reluctant Coach at the first practice.   At the first game, he asked Brian to help him out…….

to pitch.

Auntie V was there to cheer the boys on…..

and Summer

and Taylor were there too….

What a great opening day!


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