One Year With Laney Mae!

Our baby girl is a year.

And she has the cutest pair of shoes that are just like ballet slippers.

She’s our little sweetheart.

Who already likes to wrestle her brothers.

And thinks she’s hilarious when pulling hats and headbands off her head…and bibs off  her neck while eating.

She loves making the kissing sound and says Hi and waves and says Mama.  Melt. My. Heart.

She loves climbing the stairs and goes faster if she hears us coming for her, she loves climbing into the dishwasher and pulling things out of the kitchen cabinets, and if the door is left open she’ll crawl right on outside to explore.

She’s a whole lot of sweetness and little bit of sass.

We are so very thankful for our Laney Mae.

(P.S.  I appliqued Laney’s ballet slipper shirt and made her headband and the buntings.)

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