Let’s Eat Some Cake

She was laughing all through out dinner.

We got out the cupcakes.

Showed her the candle.

I set the plate on the table and lit the match for the candle and she FLIPPED out.  She wouldn’t stop crying.

We took her out of her seat and that didn’t console her, we acted silly, that didn’t work, we walked outside and that calmed her down. Came back in, tried to put her back in her seat…they are all trying to convince her that cake is a really yummy thing.  She still wouldn’t have it.

We went back outside, with a cupcake and let her try a bite.  She was SO tentative.

We brought her seat outside, and put her in it…she was still unsure.

We sang….with no candle.

Brian was sitting right next to her trying to get her to eat this strange thing.  LOL!

She started to get into it more.

She definitely gave us a story to be told and retold for many more celebrations to come. 

And I don’t think I’ll be the only one telling it.  Her brothers will never let her live this down.


One thought on “Let’s Eat Some Cake”

  1. Oh, Laney! So funny and sad that she was scared of her cupcakes and candle. I mean, both Scott and Lucy were scared of the candle, too, but I don’t recall it turning them off to the cake at all. 😉 Glad she got to really dig in after all.

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