Halfway To High School

He is one incredible 7 year old.  The other night the boys stayed up late to catch lightning bugs for the first time EVER.  We also got out their laser fingers (prizes from the Library’s summer reading program) and did some light painting.  Super. Fun.

Making farting noises has become a specialty these days.

He has one of those special smiles that can light up a room.

We went to Eagle Creek Park today for a picnic and hike to celebrate Father’s Day.  Elijah took charge of the camera for a spell and took this gallery of photos:

(There’s a deer poking it’s head out from behind that tree.)

By Elijah Gornik, Age 7

He chose what he wanted me to make for dinner.  Parmesan pan fried chicken, green beans(while eating he realized he meant peas…LOL), and salad.

I don’t think any birthday is a birthday around here without some legos.

And more singing.

We are so thankful God gave you to us Elijah David.  You are kind and sensitive and have an easy-going spirit.  You have quickly become a ravenous reader but still love for us to snuggle with you on the couch and read to you.   You love to be silly and make others laugh and you have a very compassionate heart that wants to help others.  We pray you would continue to desire to keep God as your LORD/Yahweh.


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