Project 52 Week 26: School’s Out

That means there are lots of pillow forts and lots of reading and getting enough points at the Libray’s Summer Reading program to get prizes… Laser Fingers.   It’s proved to be much more fun than we ever anticipated.

One of our nights we spent outside catching lightning bugs.  It was the boys’ first time ever.  And then we decided to try out the laser fingers with a slow shutter speed.  The shutter was open for 8 seconds for all of these.  We plan to do this again this summer…..but when our kids can have ample time to recover.  It’s not dark like this until almost 10pm.   Welcome to Indiana Summers on Eastern Standard Time.

This was about one second shy from the last line in the E being made for Zeke.  Brian’s art.

Brian’s Happy Face.

Brian’s city.

Elijah’s 7.

Malachi’s 8.

Some jumbles from one of the boys.

And some swirls.

Oh, what a fun, late summer night.

P52 with Kent Weakley



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