Project 52 Week 28: Summer Treats

Our first year of marriage was spent living in a small town in Indiana.

We lived 50 feet behind a Dairy Queen.

If our windows were opened, we could hear people order in the drive-thru.

We didn’t visit there as often as we expected, but I did try Dilly bars that year.

They became my treat of choice over the blizzard.

We now live a 1/2 mile down the road from a DQ.

We introduced the boys to it on their last day of school.

It was an instant hit.  And now Dilly bars are a favorite.

And this little one didn’t want to be left out.

So she snatched up a slice of watermelon

and barely took it out of her mouth.

She just gnawed away.

And enjoyed her treat and watched her Papa and big brothers play basketball.

P52 with Kent Weakley

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