Little Red Caboose

This past weekend we were supposed to go camping in Kentucky at Happy Top, but it stormed.  I didn’t want to brave the rain with a one year old in tow.  Seeing as this is the second time a planned camping trip has been postponed, we let the boys pick something special to do over the weekend.  Zekey wanted to go hiking at Holliday Park, so a-hiking we went.

I tend to stick to the back, for the photo taking opportunities….


there are always lovely flowers.

and bugs.

And then, there’s these guys.  I have so many shots like this….but I can’t help but take them.  I love how it shows that little moment of walking a trail and exploring the woods and who’s in the lead.

This trail leads right to the White River.

Go on ahead and explore.

This one’s always worried we’ll leave him behind.  He’s off following his brothers, but calling to Brian and I the whole time to make sure we haven’t moved on.  It’s like we’ve left him somewhere before and he can’t get over it.  This must be a third child trait.

If there’s water, he will always end up in it.







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