Happy Top



We made it to Kentucky a few weeks ago for our first family camping trip.  

Brian and his brother bought some land on top of Happy Top Mountain about 9 years ago.   Their uncle was selling it, and another uncle has some land right next to it.  It’s been in the family for years, with dreams of a lodge.  We hope to build on the foundation they laid.  I’ll show pictures of that in another post.

The roads start out paved, then turn to gravel and then turn to dirt.  We have to park our van at the edge of our land and Joey’s truck got us up to the top in two shifts.   These guys were in the first group with Brian.Sometimes trees fall in the road and the chainsaw needs to make an appearance which always results in some great firewood. Setting up camp takes a lot of patience.



We had some rock throwing contests in the pond while the dads figured out the set-up. (That pond is man-made, put in by the uncles years ago.)


Time to put up the tents.With lots of helpers.And now for some relaxation.



(photo by Elijah)

We roasted some hot dogs and brats and also some s’mores.  Yummy.


(photo by Elijah)  Fire Dragon




One thought on “Happy Top”

  1. That last picture is awesome. Well done, Elijah. Happy Top looks so fun. I want to visit it sometime. Like maybe when there’s a lodge there. 🙂

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