It’s Been a Week

All three boys started school last Tuesday.  



Ezekiel: Kindergarten (The glasses got put on after all these photos were taken)


Eiljah: 2nd Grade


Malachi: 3rd Grade


There were no tears from anyone.  I think I was tearless because I still have a little person at home with me. When the last one is off to school there will be tears.

We spent the first day without the boys eating cookies 

and pointing our toes.  We’re working on that sickled foot.





Why does the smiley one have to be blurry??


The morning of the second day of school involved a trip to the ER. Brian took him.

He fell out of his bed at 4:45am and had to get 4 stitches.  Poor kid.  But seriously, my kids have fallen out of their beds before and even on tiled floors and never ended up like this.  We can only guess he hit his head on the bedrail while sitting up AFTER he fell on the carpeted floor. We’ll never know for sure.

Happy First Days of School!!



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