Happy Trails

My brother and his family are off on a new adventure,  a move from the east coast to the west coast so Jason can start a PhD program(he starts today).  I am proud of him for  pursuing his dream, watching anyone fight to achieve their dream is inspiring.    Watching family encourage him and support him is even more inspiring. He is one special big brother.  His faith has always led me down paths to figure out what I believe.  His thoughts and the playing of the devil’s advocate in discussions has always challenged me to think about what it is that I think about things.  And the guy is pretty witty too, he can make a room full of people break out into laughter.  I always counted on him for that.  I always counted on him to do all the talking and interacting in social situations when I was a kid.  This introverted girl depended on her witty big brother to make others laugh and provide some conversation in a room full of strangers.

I am thankful God chose you to be my big brother.  And I’m excited to see you continue to learn and challenge our thinking as you start this new segment of life and your dream.

And always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.” Avett Brothers



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