The Avett Brothers

They opened with “Shame”, is there really any other way to open?  We couldn’t help but sing and move.  We weren’t the only ones.

These guys have a harmonic sound that pulls you in.

It makes me feel calm and excited all at the same time…..almost like a lucid state.  Or maybe that was from the wafting smells reminiscent of our Philadelphia apartment’s stairwell.

And makes me want to learn how to play the guitar.  I’m 35, I have time, right?!

There were so many songs I hadn’t even heard before, and some very familiar ones, “Paranoia in Bb Major” and “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” and “Love Like the Movies”.  I was really hoping to hear “Murder in the City” and ” Swept Away” and “The Ballad of Love and Hate”, but they weren’t in this show.  We’ll just have to wait for the next.

I think there will be a next.  These musicians were incredible.  Joe Kwon on cello and Bob Crawford on the bass….really just magical.  Their encore ended with the lights turned down low, all 5 of them in the center of the stage and Seth and Scott asked their father to come up on stage to join them in singing a few more songs.  Very sweet.  (My photos of that didn’t turn out…at all. )

Brian and I were discussing the concerts we’ve been to in the years we’ve been married, there’s been maybe two others.  And one of them was last year, Over the Rhine.  We were supposed to see U2 in La Plata, Argentina, but didn’t make it back in time to see them.  All that to say, I think we’ve found our new niche for going out on dates.  I couldn’t be more excited.




3 thoughts on “The Avett Brothers”

  1. Concert dates are the best. I will tell you what, I know some people would probably lynch me for saying this, but I HAVE seen U2. In Chicago… I liked The Avetts better 🙂 So glad you guys got to go together 🙂

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