They Aren’t So Creepy

Most of you could care less about the daily creepies I’ve been posting for the month of October, so I thought I’d throw in some shots of what’s been going on with my crew.  We’re coming to the end of our fall break, but we’ve filled it with some festive activities.

We took a hike at Eagle Creek Park with friends.

I found the idea for these guys here.  The slime is always fun to make, but then making the slime monsters was perfectly fun and even better because we made them with friends.  Sadly,  I didn’t get a photo of all the monsters, just the ones my boys made.  

Fall Break is the perfect time for carving pumpkins.  

In order from L to R….designed and carved by…Malachi, Papi, Zekey,  (the green one is Laney’s given to her from Elijah. He got it on his trip to a pumpkin patch with his class.) Me, and Elijah.

And Laney woke up for the tail end of these festivities.

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