We’re working on their costumes for the end of the month.  We showed the boys the Wizard of Oz for the first time last night, it made me want to do a themed family dress up sometime.  But the boys already picked out their characters for this year.  Brian made these pirate daggers for Zekey.

I found them here.

Malachi wants to dress up as a knight, so they made this knight’s shield.

Inspired by this.

And Elijah wants to be Hawkeye.  The kid has been begging us for a bow and arrow and I found this to make one.  He is SOOO thrilled.  And Brian is so awesome.



5 thoughts on “Costume–ing”

  1. AWESOME costume props 🙂 And I am with you with wanting to do themes, Wizard of Oz being one of them. We were able to do themes exactly 2 years until I had 2 kids old enough to have their own opinions about what they want to be. Major bummer. I wonder just how much it would ruin Halloween if I forced it… 😉

  2. Tara…I am totally impressed. I agree themes are fun. I find it’s hard to put effort into that many costumes…so this year I pulled out my old overalls. Remember them? We wore them cause they were cool. I was a farmer.

  3. Wow Jessi….what kinds of themes did you do before your kids had opinions about what they wanted to dress up as??

    Deb…I don’t know that the actual costumes will be all that impressive…that’s why the props were so important. 🙂

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