Doing What They Do Best

Malachi has a lot of homework this year.  He’s in third grade, I know he has I-STEP to pass and I-READ to pass….but geez!  I’m pretty much hating homework anymore people, and I was an elementary school teacher!  This kid needs time to play outside and pretend and be imaginative. We had an outrageously gorgeous day last week(after winter-like weather), I let my kids play outside for hours and had Malachi do his homework after dinner.  He did get some sleep that night, I promise.  But what the heck, America has it all wrong.  ALL WRONG!  Kids need time to play, it will make them BETTER at learning.  Stop giving them so much instructional time, stop giving them so much busy work and let them figure out the world by play and imagination.  Ok….soap box over….for now.



And my little Laney is into everything….EVERYTHING….especially when I’m trying to make dinner.  This is half of what she got into while I was preoccupied.




I go to bed tired, they keep me busy.  But I swear I’m not as exhausted as when I was taking care of three boys 3 years old and under….now that was pure exhaustion.  So what will it be like when they are teenagers????


2 thoughts on “Doing What They Do Best”

  1. I bought Tay a t-shirt that said “Just say NO … to homework” when she was in the 4th grade. Homework was brutal. I hear you, Tara. Put Alfie Kohn’s “The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing” on your reading list . Consider setting a time limit for homework and letting the teacher know about the decision you’ve made. Be an advocate for your kid and other kids may benefit too. Many teachers are pressured by parents for MORE homework. I have sent in countless notes saying “we had to stop for the evening please let me know if this will be reflected in my daughter’s grade in any way.” It has never been a problem. xoxox-V

  2. Your soap box got me all fired up again. 🙂 Love the outside pictures, though. Glad they are taking advantage of the beautiful fall as much as possible. And oh, Laney.

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