There’s Always a First Time…..

Ezekiel lost his first tooth this last weekend.  He was super cute about it, all I have right now is this blurry photo to prove it.

The tooth fairy keeps forgetting to visit at night though, he has had a pretty exhausting week.  Have I ever shared our Tooth Fairy story with you?  Well, when Malachi lost his first tooth while living in Argentina, Brian decided to make up an adventure story for why the tooth fairy visits.  We could do such things because our kids hadn’t heard any other stories or explanations for why the Tooth Fairy visits.  And well we decided not to follow the Argentine’s tale of Raton Perez and his taking of little kids’ teeth.  So Brian told our boys how the Tooth Fairy bargains and buys little kids’ teeth so that he can use the teeth as his armor for fighting in wars.  (I’m totally oversimplifying this tale…but if you ever want the whole story ask my boys….or Brian.) And so the kid who is selling the tooth writes a note to the Tooth Fairy letting him know how much he’ll sell his tooth for.  The Tooth Fairy then leaves money or writes down a counter-offer, since $100 or even $20 is pretty steep for kid’s teeth.  And then the kid writes back with his counter offer.  So, this isn’t a one night kind of deal people.  For this reason, my husband is the Tooth Fairy in our family.  And really, I love that he started this with them.  It brings a smile to my face.



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