The Hobbit and LOTR Birthday Party

The Invitations: IMG_1150

Malachi requested a LOTR party, while Zekey requested a Hobbit party. Brian has read the boys The Hobbit several times and he is currently on the second book of LOTR.

IMG_1148These were folded over with a little red seal. I found this font to use for the invitations and the banners.

(I’m sharing all this information mainly because I read so many blogs that had great ideas while planning this party, and most of these ideas aren’t my own….so I’m spreading the Tolkien love.)

A little riddle to welcome our adventurers.


And I made a hobbit door with streamers similar to this one… you entered our family room.  My photos came out too blurry to post and my hobbit door didn’t look nearly as nice as this one.  I had a banner above it that said, “No admittance except on party business.”

In the Hobbit Hole:


Friends came and we ate some beef stew, and cold cut meat and cheese and some apples and carrots with some scones and some ginger “ale” and root “beer” to drink.  All food Hobbits would eat.

Then we went outside to play some games:

A few relay games that Hobbits might play at a birthday party.



And then some tag games…..Trolls after The Hobbits, and then lots of variations that Brian made up. I think one round had a Gandalf that could unfreeze Hobbits, but the Trolls could never catch him.   Yeah, we were trying to shake out some of the crazy energy this group had.

Then we played “What time is it Mr. Orc?”  The kids LOVED this game.  IMG_0904Kids: What time is it Mr. Orc?

Brian: 5 o’clock (the kids take 5 steps towards him)

Kids: What time is it Mr. Orc?

Brian: 12 o’clock (the kids take 12 steps)

Kids: What time is it Mr. Orc?

Brian: Dinnertime (He turns around and tags as many kids as he can before they cross the line. Then they join him.)


Then we went inside and had cupcakes and ice cream.


And I’m waiting for the day when my kids tell me that my cupcakes are lame.  LOL!


While they ate, Brian read these riddles and everyone chimed in with their answers.

Then we sent everyone off with their goody bags fully of Gollum’s Goodies and Thorin’s Treasure and a ring.


Parties are fun, and exhausting, but mostly wonderful.  And kids came from school this year and we met parents.  And now my boys are another year older.  This just isn’t slowing down.

P.S. Fast-forward a few years to see some DIY LOTR Halloween Costumes. 


4 thoughts on “The Hobbit and LOTR Birthday Party”

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. This looks like the BEST party ever! Judging by all of the smiles, both young and “old” had a wonderful time!

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