She’s 2!


Laney turned 2 in June!  Summer doesn’t leave me much time to blog or edit, and a month after this party our house was broken into, while we were sleeping.  It was the night before we were to leave to drive to VA to celebrate by Nana’s 90th birthday.  Our van was fully packed for our trip.  We woke up early and found out we were broken into.  Two old laptops were stolen, Brian’s work laptop, my camera and lenses, and my purse.  When I realized the purse was gone, I told Brian to go outside and see if our van was still there.  It was gone too.  We cried.  My kids were awake too.  We all cried….and prayed.  I’ll keep this short.  Our van was found a few hours later in the development across the street from us.  It was still fully loaded, but everything that was taken from the house was gone…and we left 6 hours later than we anticipated and still made it to my Nana’s(after changing locks to the house because keys weren’t found that were used to steal the van, and canceling credit cards and ordering a new license.)  A week later the server broke down on the one computer we had left.  And on top of losing all of those other things, I thought we had lost the last month of photos forever, including birthday photos.  But Brian saved them…all of them, even the Landrum’s photos were with that lot.  And all of those other things got replaced.  Renter’s insurance is awesome.

Here’s Laney turning two……a few months late.



And just because I love this in b&w.


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