The Week of the Blizzard

That week that my boys were off school made them search around for things they hadn’t played with for awhile.  I like when that happens.  It’s good when my kids find themselves with nothing to do, boredom breeds all kinds of creativity.

So after being stuck indoors for a few days because of those crazy negative temperatures, Zekey made this for Laney with Makedo.


IMG_1960 IMG_1961

(He really wanted to make sure Laney had a trunk to put her dolls and toys in.)


They found an origami paper airplane kit that’s been tucked away in the hutch for over a year and folded up every single piece and flew them all around.


Superheroes. (My Nana crocheted that for Malachi when he was a newborn.)


Lots of climbing and playing on the bunkbeds, the next best thing to an indoor jungle gym.

IMG_1877 IMG_1879

We played lots and lots of dutch blitz…no dslr proof of this.  I finally figured out why I like playing this game with my kids because I don’t have to wait for anyone to take their turn.  I’m so impatient.

Lots of playing with Laney’s play food and dolls.


When several days had gone by without playing outside we brought some snow in to us.


Snow ice cream.



We also threw a pot of boiling water outside and watched some of it turn to snow. (I think we’ll do it again tomorrow, seeing as my kids are off school again because it’s supposed to be -35 with the wind chill.)

And finally it warmed up to 20 degrees and they went outside to play.




And we also decorated Indiana cookies.  Something Malachi missed right before Christmas because he stayed home sick from school.  His teacher kindly game me three cookies and a map key and goodies for each of my boys to decorate.  (btw, what a great idea to do this Indiana geography project the last day before Christmas break!  He has a great teacher!)IMG_1916



p.s. I’m still getting used to the idea that my boys are growing up as Hoosiers.  🙂


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