Bye-Bye Baby Bed

A few weeks ago, my baby had her last night in her toddler bed.  IMG_2001






IMG_2017Ever since we switched her bedroom to upstairs, she’s been waking up several times during the night.  I decided maybe one of the reasons was because this toddler bed was just getting too small for her (and the fact that she takes a gazillion books and stuffed animals and baby dolls to bed with her every night, there isn’t much room for her to roll over).  So we switched her to a twin bed and boxspring on the floor.  Once she gets a little older, we’ll raise her up off the ground.  For now it is working, some nights she never comes down to get me, and most nights she only gets up once.  Score!





And she has room for all the special things she wants to take to bed with her.  🙂


p.s. Thank-you Goodwill Outlet for the cute comforter, pillowcase and bedskirt.  I don’t know what we’d do without you.


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