A Decade

Two-digits, two hands old, my firstborn.  It’s gone so quickly, yet seems so long ago that you were born in that little hospital in Philadelphia.IMG_2695

You love playing with little kids, especially toddlers, and I love thinking about how these little ones that we are around have a great role model in you.


Your desire for justice is strong, and is a trait that stands out the most.  Your friends and teachers at school already talk about how you have integrity and lead others to do the right thing.  We pray that your desire for justice will lead you to lead others to Him and to be his strong messenger.  We love seeing how you’re already walking down that path of the meaning of your name.


And your love for Lord of the Rings gives your Papi the biggest grin.  You are voraciously reading A Guide to Tolkien’s World, a Bestiary and teaching us new things along the way.


We are so glad for the young man you are becoming.


A can’t wait to see how God continues to shape you for his glory.  We love you, Malachi Brian.


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