She is Three!


It is nearly impossible to get a photo of this girl looking at the camera.  She is pure silliness!


Laney’s friends, Ruthi, Maggie, and Lucy.  She talks about these girls all the time, and she was SO excited to have them over for her birthday party.


We had an afternoon birthday party, thankfully the rain clouds disappeared and we even saw some sun! (And more silly faces for the camera!)


A little too windy for outside singing, so we ran inside so she could blow out her candles.


And all morning she kept saying, “It time to blow out candles?”  But she wouldn’t let us sing to her until this moment, she’d yell, “I no have candles, don’t sing to me.”  (Those were some yummy Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting!)


There was some Princess Warrior Freeze Tag, and Laney insisted on putting on her new Eowyn costume.

Eowyn - eowyn Photo   This photo was what I tried to copy while making it.  There’s a little resemblance.  🙂


And I wanted a few shots of us together, I totally bribed her with another scoop of vanilla ice cream.



It worked!




I’ve been feeling very sentimental about this birthday.  I snuggled and rocked my last 2 year old to sleep last night. I sang her favorite songs, “Bushel and a Peck” and “As the Deer.”  I covered her up and prayed for her and gave her butterfly kisses and an eskimo kiss, a fishy kiss and pinky kisses.  And she called out shapes for me to make with my fingers, triangle, circle, rectangle……and she asked me again about all her friends coming to her party.  We talked, I told her goodnight and I love her and she told me, “I love you, mommy.”  And I closed the door to her room, and closed the door to the baby years.

But thankfully, she still loves to snuggle, and be rocked, and be read to, and sung to.  Thankfully, this momma’s heart is content with that.







3 thoughts on “She is Three!”

    1. I’ve randomly started crying the last few days when I think about Laney being my last…..I love the baby years, and I’m very sad to now be past them. I’m trying to fully embrace this next stage with all my kids….but a part of me wants to keep them tiny and on my lap forever. 🙂

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