Father’s Day Hike


Having Brian around for a full day is a rare luxury these days, that’s what happens when you start a business.  We miss him, but are so very thankful for how hard he is working to take care of our family.  So we lived it up today with a picnic and hike at Eagle Creek Park.  And as we hiked, we dreamed about future vacations we hope to make RVing it to the west coast to see Yosemite, Joshua Tree National Park, the Redwoods, the Sequoias and back to Yellowstone, the Canyonlands, The Grand Tetons, the Badlands and the Grand Canyon.  And hopefully climb some mountains in Colorado.  As my Pop-pop would say, “There’s some beautiful country to see!”  And I can’t wait for the day that we get to take our kids to see it!  But until that day, we’ll keep enjoying the beauty of Indiana all around us.  🙂


Hiking around the Eagle Creek Reservoir.


This girl was earning her keep, she was climbing and hiking and keeping up with those boys.


Notice that girl is using the roots to pull herself up that steep hill, Brian was admiring her mad climbing skills!


This Papi loves to climb and loves to encourage his boys to climb higher and higher and they all three gave it a try.








Photo by Elijah


Photo by Malachi


And we finished the day off with some Argentine Futbol, some steak and some malbec.  What a great day to celebrate the guy that is so very special to our crew.  He’s ours, and we are so very glad.





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