Minecraft Birthday Party


Elijah’s 9th birthday party was a hit and was one of my favorites to plan for.


Oh yes, they were so excited before the party, but they were also super helpful….mostly, Argentina was playing again today and we were all thrilled when they won!! (We already had those green shirts, I made a stencil and painted on the creeper.)



Elijah got this paper craft kit for his birthday and the boys folded them all up for the birthday party.  And here’s some more decorations, some spiders and a creeper.





The boys made these perler bead characters and swords and axes and I added the jump rings and cording to make necklaces.  (This was a pinterest find…yay for good ideas!)



We added them to the goody bags, and I also made duck tape bracelets with velcro and added some black sharpie for the creeper…on the bag and bracelet, and the printables for the candy I found here.  (I also used that link for the banner.)



The ideas for the cupcakes and free printables were found here.




We planned three games.  The first was to divide the kids into groups and have them build with the legos.  Two groups made castles with defenses and the other groups made creepers, zombies, endermen and other things like slime and tnt.  Then Brian had the two groups with the characters “attack” the castles, each side took turns going back and forth with tactical moves.  Think of that more like sharing your strategy for playing chess, not actually physically attacking.  🙂 But these kids knew their minecraft rules and strategies and used that to defend their castles.  And in the end both castles won.



The second game took us outside for some good old-fashioned tag, with a twist.  So, there was a Zombie(the tagger) and everyone else who was being chased were Steves.  Then there was a creeper running around too, and Brian would yell out “Creeper!” and the the creeper would take silly string and spray it(because creepers explode) and whoever got string on them was out, along with whoever was tagged by the zombie.  The creeper would only spray the silly string for a few seconds and then would run around again until Brian would yell “Creeper!” and repeat until there was a winner.



The third game was with the giant creeper made out of paper taped on the side of the house. The kids had three tries with the nerf crossbow gun to hit the red target.  We put their names on their best shot and at the end whoever was the closest got a Minecraft Handbook as a prize.



And then we had some cupcakes and ice cream.




What a fun party to plan for, what a fun group of kids to have over, and what a great kid to be celebrating!



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