4th Grade Ambassador


Malachi was asked to be an ambassador this year, each year 4th and 5th graders are chosen because of the leadership qualities they display in their classroom and around the school. And within the first week of this new school, Malachi’s leadership qualities shined through when the boys in his class were scheming to frame another new student for some kind of crazy act.  Malachi’s sense of justice broke through and he told these new classmates that what they wanted to do wasn’t right and he let his teacher know of their plans.  Mrs. Helman called me up that first week to tell me all about it. (It’s like pulling teeth to get my kids to tell me details about their school day!! And when I asked him to tell me the story, it was just another day at school……nothing special, nothing different….just doing the right thing at the right time. Love that about him!)  So Mrs. Helman asked Malachi to be a part of the Ambassadors Program.  They met before school once a week to learn and practice lessons on positive character qualities that they called lifelines. They were assigned a classroom in the school and then each session they taught a lifeline and provided a personal story to share with the class.  One of the personal stories Malachi shared was about having perseverance to learn Spanish while living in Argentina.



The two Ambassador Coaches, Mrs. Helman, on the left, also his 4th grade teacher, and Mrs. Filka, and a few students from his class.

He’s already hoping he gets to do this in 5th grade too.  He loved it.


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