Elijah’s Research Project

Elijah had to complete two research projects this year.  The first one he did on soccer and made a Prezi to present it to the class.  The second one he researched baseball and also made a Prezi. The students presented them to the parents one night.  This same night was a playoff game for baseball, so I took Malachi to the game and Brian took Elijah to the presentation.  Elijah gave his first, then had to leave to get to the game that had already started and was short on players.  He was so sad that he didn’t get to see the rest of his classmates’ presentations.  He told Brian that his team better win if he is missing out on their presentations.  So, when the game ended and they lost, he immediately started crying….wailing…because they didn’t win.  He wasn’t sad about not moving forward to the championship,  he was sad that it wasn’t worth it to be at the game since they lost and he missed seeing his friends from school present their projects.  Wailing…the kind where people kept asking me what was wrong, to which I couldn’t reply because I just didn’t want to get into a long explanation about what my kid really wanted that night.  So, there you have it, a story of Elijah’s wonderful emotional side and sensitivity and loyalty to his friends.  And could it be any more perfect that he had on that uniform for this?  He did such a great job and didn’t shy away from going first and clearly doesn’t show that he truly is an introvert, he really is comfortable with those friends in his class and all their families!  Love that boy!


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