Painted Lady Butterflies


Laney and Elijah received some caterpillars for their birthday from Auntie Erika and Uncle Jason and Orion and Maddie.  We loved seeing them turn into chrysalides and then butterflies.  There is a chrysalis already formed on the top right side of the container, I didn’t get any other shots of them.


But I did catch this one newly out of the chrysalis.  Pretty amazing transformation.



I never realized how much hair there is between their wings.




And I love these shots of the proboscis.





Such lovely ladies(although I’m sure there is a male in there somewhere).  Sadly,we had one out of the four that didn’t make it. It started to emerge from it’s chrysalis, but something happened to the wings and they never fully spread out and dried.



We released the 3 Painted Ladies and this one hung out with Zekey for a bit before she flew away.




And last night we used the mesh netting to hold the lightning bugs we caught.

What a fun gift!


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