A Visit with Grammy and Grandaddy



Grammy and Grandaddy came for a visit.  We spent some time at Conner Prairie, an interactive history park.




We stopped by the Lenape Camp first and the two older boys got to throw a tomahawk at a target.








We stopped by the barn to say hello to the animals.  There was lots of petting of sheep, lambs, goats, kids and calves.



Next we entered 1836 at Prairietown, the kids all spun a wheel that landed on a role for them to do while visiting.  Malachi was a housekeeper, Zekey and Elijah were gardeners, and Laney was a farmhand. So they had a card with various jobs they had to complete.  We walked around to the houses and gardens and inns to ask what they needed help with.


The boys picked flowers and then had to remove the petals for drying to use for a tea.


We saw some black swallowtail caterpillars eating the dill.  Also, we saw a black rat snake that kept slithering around the wood pile.  Laney was thrilled to see a snake.


The gardeners were sorting beans.


The housekeeper made the beds at the inn.  It only costs 12 1/2 cents to stay per night(anyone want to come visit us?).  Malachi also earned 1/2 cent here that he spent at the store for a clay marble.


Laney was so excited to see a covered wagon like Laura from the Little House in the Big Woods.


The farmhand collected an egg from the hen’s box, with the help of her brother, to take in to the cooks.



More work by the gardeners, watering some plants.



Checking out the wash house.



Here’s the handspinning house with so many beautiful colors of yarn.  All the wool was shorn from their sheep, spun on site and then dyed with various plants from their land and in various kinds of metal tubs which also changes the color.  It all made me want to try this myself…..hmmmm, that would be a fun new challenge.  🙂




Our last stop was to 1863 during the Civil War.




There’s two of my soldiers in there.



What a great time!  We love this place and we loved having Grammy and Grandaddy with us to enjoy it too!


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