Carefree Saturdays

After a busy week of getting kids off to school and training Brian’s new administrative assistant at his office, I was so ready for a Saturday to just take it slow and have plenty of time to play.  That’s exactly what these kids did, they do it so well.


Curious George is a new favorite.


Pokemon is never far from these boys’ minds.


And there are frequent role-playing battles outside.



Because bears with hats and pearls need to have a tea party with goldfish.



And the boys were thrilled with Laney’s building of Papi’s office.



Little sisters’ bedrooms can be oodles of fun.



And quite the gathering place.

And I breathed a few deep sighs of relief.  Schedules are necessary, but I have so much disdain for making sure everyone gets everywhere they are supposed to be on time, with the right clothes on…and clean clothes at that.  I like the lulling periods of time that allow for creativity and rest, and I’m not the only one who needs them.  Taking in a few more deep breaths before a new, busy week begins and already wishing for another carefree Saturday.


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