Pike Youth Basketball League

Malachi and Elijah finished their first basketball season in this more competitive league. After their first practice, they came home saying how strict it was and that they really didn’t like it.  After a few weeks, they loved it.  They could see and feel themselves getting better during each Saturday game.  IMG_6222Brian was an assistant coach for Malachi’s 5th and 6th grade team.





Elijah’s 3rd and 4th grade team was almost undefeated.  They lost one game due to some terrible reffing.  Some of the boys on Elijah’s team get some private coaching from a former NBA player, and it showed.  And because of that competitive influence, Elijah’s skills improved tremendously this season.IMG_6277



This was the last game of his season before the championship tournament.IMG_6307


Elijah’s team playing the championship game.


Brian did the announcing for this game.IMG_6352


IMG_6385Their victory chant! They won!


That smile didn’t come off his face for days!  IMG_6425

And now we’re attending games for all three boys in another basketball league. Last week we showed the boys Hoosiers for the first time, they loved it!  Elijah just finished his 4th grade Famous Hoosier Project on Larry Bird.  We’re embracing Indiana, these boys are growing up Hoosiers!!


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