They come as quickly as they go and their ages are in the middle of their childhood.  They can dress themselves, feed themselves, shower themselves, read and do their homework.  There’s a part of me that is so happy that my life isn’t as physically exhausting as it once was when they were still small enough to carry around, but now there are discussions about life and how it comes to be and how there are injustices all around us.  There are big questions and big ideas with big words talked about frequently and sometimes I think, how can it be that we are already this far along?  I miss those babies I cradled in my arms, but I get glimpses of the young men they are becoming…….compassionate, honest, caring, giving young men.  And in those glimpses, among the squabbles, fights, and arguments, my breath is taken away. He, who has begun a good work in them, will carry it on to completion.  We talk with them and we hope with them and we pray with them and for them and we slowly let go. Thankful for this journey God has allowed Brian and I to have with these young men.



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