The Perfect Spring Evening

There were no sports games, we ate dinner outside, and the weather was amazing.  I could feel the stress peeling off me as we sat around the table and then lingered outside.  I decided it was a perfect evening to capture some photos.




I know, I know….he’s looking so much older.  So. Much. Older.


What could be more perfect than eating your treat with messy hair, a dirty dress, and bare-feet?




This creek won’t know what to do without this boy.  (If/when we move….or when he’s not a boy anymore!)IMG_7530 IMG_7531

If he goes in, she’s never far behind.

IMG_7540 IMG_7541

IMG_7542 IMG_7543

This boy’s pitching is getting better every day.

IMG_7555 IMG_7565

That sun….the warmth….the yard full of glowing dandelions…..everyone playing outside.  A perfect evening.


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